2008 DNI Conference begins

Listening to the opening speakers of the 2008 DNI Open Source Conference. Sabra Horne says 1800 attendees from universities, state, local and tribal entities, 38 countries, and of course the DC Intelligence Community.

Notes that today is Patriot Day and that the events seven years ago spurred the changes that made this conference possible. There will be a moment of silence.

Dan Butler is up next, Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Open Source. Talks about outreach and partnerships with public and foreign partners. Praises the DNI Open Source Center and talks about the Open Source Vision for the community.

Quotes wikipedia on the definition of humility and adds that the Intelligence Community should have some humility and recognize that the IC does not have all the experts or all the answers. Introduces the vision for 2015. DNI Vision 2015:

  • no typical customer
  • mission integration – networked and powersharing
  • open source collection holds most promise

Introduces concept of DNI Open Source Challenge that will be further discussed this morning.

Introduces next speaker, Glenn Gaffney. Calls himself “Congressional Cat Toy” – was asked, “What is the future of Collection?” His answer, “Integrated performance. It’s that simple and that complex.”

Discusses role of open source amongst other collection methods. Now there is an “information universe” and look at it differently that in the past. Other levels are represented by foreign partners and academia.

Talks about the IC youth bulge (45 to 50% of the workforce), the gap of GenX and the bulge of the more seasoned analysts. Calls youth bulge the “mashup generation”. He has a hopeful outlook on the youth bulge but declares that we owe it to enable and build infrastructure to allow the next generations to show us things that we don’t know are possible.

Moment of silence.

This is about discovering/discerning the truth and using that truth for the benefit or safeguarding of our citizens.

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5 Comments on “2008 DNI Conference begins”

  1. Bob Gourley Says:

    Thanks for the post, I appreciate you capturing this, even though I’m here listening.

    Glenn’s discussions of mashups and use of the term the way he did was very exciting to hear. I have not heard another senior anywhere in government with a vision so on the mark. His call for us to build the infrastructure to enable mashups is so on the mark.

  2. Martin Sullivan Says:

    DNI Vision 2015 = Net-centric by the time the rest of the world is focused on semantic web. Fail!

  3. gakster Says:

    Vision 2015 is calling for a Net-Centric Information Enterprise so the Intel Community can better share information. As things stand right now, each agency has it’s own IT “silo of excellence”, and trying to discover information across these networks (or across classification boundaries) doesn’t happen easily. By building a common, net-centric infrastructure, things like semantic webs, anomaly detections, inference engines, and the like might actually work.

  4. duckncover Says:

    Martin, good point. I had similar thoughts yesterday when Mr. Naquin spoke (with some pride) that we were meeting the goals of the 9/11 commission report. Oooookay…so we’re 7 years behind?

  5. works with duckncover Says:

    Thanks for the report…..it is amazing to hear from the IC in an open platform!

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