Mr. Dan Butler ADDNI/OS(C)

Mr. Butler quotes the current DNI Mike McConnell. Most important thing for the DNI’s tenure (what he wants to be remembered for) is collaboration. This includes collaboration from outside the intelligence community.

 Mr. Butler comments that we’ve come a long way: in 2005, then DNI Negroponte established the DNI Open Source Center which replaced the Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Wrote the first National Security Directive, and established an open source collection committee.  Overall, there was a substantial amount of investment in the open source enterprise.  In 2007 there was the first DNI Open Source Conference.  They’re also offering new support to AFRICOM the new MAJCOM for Africa.  Invested in the National Virtual Foreign Translation Center, a new capability. In 2008 they worked to increase collaboration with academia. Mr. Butler listed many other efforts towards the open source enterprise.

 Mr. Butler talked about humility. Quotes Ted Turner, “if only I were more humble, I’d be perfect.”  We have to realize that we don’t have all the answers and all the experts. We have to be open to outside expertise.  We need to move from thinking of ourselves as an Intelligence Community to a Community of Intelligence (he quoted someone else on this)

 He highlights the DNI’s Vision 2015 , which emphasizes the need to reach out to experts.

 Finally, he mentioned the DNI Open Source Challenge, and introduced Mr. Deputy DNI for Collection (DDNI/C) Glen Gaffery.

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